Bone Flu


Bone flu caused by viruses parvovirus B19. Although no cause of death, this disease causes paralysis. The disease is usually referred to as chikungunya fever or even bone. The cause is the same as dengue, namely mosquito Aides Aegypty. Spread very quickly that the nature of chikungunya very quickly, can cause paralysis.

Symptoms : The main symptoms of flu bone are the body’s was fever, followed by a shooting pain in the joints. Symptoms of pain lasted until 2-4 weeks after the common cold. Other symptoms, the patient feels very cold.

Treatment : Usually people with health conditions will gradually improve after 3 weeks. The patient should consume highly nutritious food and as much as possible to avoid cigarettes, coffee and high fat foods so as not to become more severe. Highly recommended to not consume carelessly flu drug on the market because it is very dangerous

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