Herpes Genetalis


Herpes Genetalis is an infection or inflammation of the skin especially in the genitals (vagina, penis, including the anus and buttocks and groin) are caused by herpes simplex virus (VHS).

Men who are not circumcised, more at risk of Herpes Genetalis disease than men who were circumcised. Men who are not circumcised thin mucus membranes. Meanwhile, if already circumcised thick mucus membranes, a common skin, making it relatively more difficult to catch.

The early symptoms of Herpes Genetalis starts on day 4-7 in the form of itching, tingling and pain. Then came the small reddish spots, followed by a set of small painful blisters. These blisters rupture and merge to form a circular wound. Wounds that usually cause pain and form a scab. In addition, patients have difficulty urinating and pain when walking will arise. New injuries will get better within 10 days but can leave scarring.

Other symptoms of groin lymph nodes are usually somewhat enlarged. These early symptoms are more painful, longer and more widespread than the subsequent symptoms and sometimes accompanied by fever and malaise.

In men, the blisters and sores may develop in any part of the penis, including the foreskin of the penis is not circumcised. In women, blisters and sores may develop on the vulva and cervix. If the patient had sexual intercourse through the anus, then the blisters and sores may form around the anus or inside the rectum.

In people with impaired immune systems (eg patients with HIV-Aids infection), herpes sores can be very severe, spread to other body parts, persist for several weeks or more and is resistant to treatment with acyclovir.

The symptoms tend to recur again in the same area or in the vicinity, because the virus settled in nearby pelvic nerves and re-active to re-infect the skin.

There is no treatment that can cure genital herpes. But treatment can shorten the duration of the attack. The number of attacks can be reduced by continuous anti-viral drug taking low doses. Treatment will be effective if started as early as possible, usually 2 days after onset of symptoms.

Treatment for Herpes Genetalis to reduce the number of viruses that live in the wound, thereby reducing the risk of transmission. Another goal, relieve symptoms in the initial phase.

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