Rotavirus is the most common cause of severe diarrhea in infants and children worldwide. Most children were attacked rotavirus by age 2 or 3.

Most of the patients with rotavirus infection can be treated with extra fluids to prevent dehydration. Occasionally, severe dehydration requires intravenous fluids in hospital. However, if dehydration is not treated can cause death.

Immediately taken to the doctor if the following symptoms found in children:
* Bloody diarrhea
* Frequent vomiting for more than three hours
* The body temperature reached 38.9 degrees Celsius or higher
* It seems lethargic or in pain
* Dry mouth, crying without tears, little or no urination at all, unusual drowsiness (dehydration)

In adults:
* Frequent vomiting for more than two days
* Vomiting blood
* Blood in bowel movement
* The body temperature reached> 40 C
* Excessive thirst, dry mouth, little or no urination, dizziness (dehydration)

There is no specific treatment for rotavirus infection. Antibiotics will not help viral infections. Usually, the infection stops itself within three to eight days. Treatment can be done is to prevent dehydration by giving ORS. If severe dehydration may require intravenous fluids in hospital.

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